Want to Make Money?

Button making is a great way to make money, and it’s both simple and fun to do.

It’s a perfect way for kids to fill their piggy banks, or youth to make some money without having to get a job outside the home which may interfere with school or sports, as well as for adults to supplement income.


Badgeaminit button maker – Everything you need for making custom buttons is right here!

Want to make money? Get a button maker!

2 thoughts on “Want to Make Money?

  1. mike

    im gonna ask if i can get a badgeaminit. im too young to work except for a paper route or dog walking or something and this looks like a funner way to get money.

  2. Barry Badge Post author

    Good luck! Maybe you can ask for one for your birthday, or save up your allowance? Badgeaminit button makers are really inexpensive, so you should be able to save up enough money fairly quickly.

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