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Slipper button

What are you doing to stay warm this winter?

slipper button, winter button

Slip on some slippers and make a slipper button.

Winter is a wonderful time to warm up by the fire, or sit on the sofa with a cup of hot coca.

Kids are antsy about going out but you would rather stay inside? Make some winter buttons! They can make a good gift for teachers, babysitters, or other people.

Winter button – Snoeshoe button

Shuffling around in the snow can be fun, especially if you have the help of some snowshoes!

snowshoe button, winter button, vintage button

Vintage button with a couple in the snow  <3 This snowshoe button is sweet!

Have you ever gone snowshoeing? It’s good exercise – you burn 45 percent more calories when snowshoeing compared to running at the same speed.

Next winter button is going to be something else that goes on your feet… What will it be?

Saint Nick button

Lots of people don’t know that Saint Nick (who Santa Claus is based from) was a real person.

He helped the needy and sick, and even saved a child from slavery under the King. Before he was the fan of kids across the globe, Saint Nick was well renowned by sailors.

Saint Nicholas day takes place on December 6th, but he is also remembered in the secular form through Santa Claus every Christmas.

Saint Nicholas button, Saint Nick button, Christmas button

Saint Nicholas button, made from a painting.

A Saint Nick button makes a nice gift for a Sunday School teacher or your Pastor. Christmas buttons can be inexpensive presents for people.