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Saint Nick button

Lots of people don’t know that Saint Nick (who Santa Claus is based from) was a real person.

He helped the needy and sick, and even saved a child from slavery under the King. Before he was the fan of kids across the globe, Saint Nick was well renowned by sailors.

Saint Nicholas day takes place on December 6th, but he is also remembered in the secular form through Santa Claus every Christmas.

Saint Nicholas button, Saint Nick button, Christmas button

Saint Nicholas button, made from a painting.

A Saint Nick button makes a nice gift for a Sunday School teacher or your Pastor. Christmas buttons can be inexpensive presents for people.

Number Button – Infinity Button

A number button is a good way to teach kids basic math skills. Buttons come in different shapes, including oval buttons and square buttons. Combine subjects like math with art to keep kids engaged in homeschool, afterschool or anytime.

number button, infinity button, 8

Don’t hate the 8 !

Make buttons forever, and ever, and ever… with an infinity button. Here is a great resource for explaining the idea of infinity to people of all ages.

Remembrance Day button

A Remembrance Day button making activity is a neat way to teach kids about the holiday.

Remembrance Day button , veterans pin-back button

Here are some other ideas about how you can come together as a family, educate younger generations, and celebrate together this Remembrance Day.

It’s important to teach younger generations that, while remembering veterans is good, some people consider it rude to wear a poppy after Remembrance Day. If kids like the idea of wearing a poppy, it might be better to wear a veterans pin-back button.

Happy Halloween button

Happy Halloween button making boys and girls!

Happy Halloween button, cartoon button, pin-back buttons, king of the hill button

This King of the Hill button was made right from the TV show.

You can create cartoon buttons, or any other kind of buttons. Trade pin-back buttons with your friends, like you would with Valentines cards. Better than candy, since they last longer, and I don’t think anyone is allergic to buttons!

Thanksgiving Button

If you are not in Canada, did you know that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving one month early? It’s on the same day as Columbus Day in the United States.

To show our spirit, here is a Thanksgiving pin-back button.

thanksgiving button, thanksgiving pin-back button, mickey mouse button, comic button

A Mickey Mouse button, created by finding a picture. So simple!

Get creative by making a comic button or other Thanksgiving buttons with your family. With Badge a Minit it only takes a minute!