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Black History Month button – Wangari Maathai button

February is Black History Month and March is Women’s History Month so we are showing our support for both with this Black History Month button of Wangari Maathai. She only died in 2011, but tomorrows history is created from todays present, and Wangari Maathai was a wonderful person, so we are pleased to highlight her here.

Wangari Maathai was from Kenya was the first African woman to get the Nobel Peace Prize for the hard work she did to promote environmentalism and women’s rights. She also spoke out about HIV/AIDS and misconceptions “that sleeping with a virgin cures the infection”

Black History Month pin-back button, Black History Month button, People of Colour button, feminist button, Wangari Maathai button

Wangari Maathai button

You can purchase this Black History Month pin-back button, as well as other People of Colour buttons and Feminist buttons, here.

Black History Month button – Power to the People button

February is Black History Month

Did you know?
* It was black women in the “Canadian Negro Women’s Association” who brought Black History Month to Toronto in the 1950’s
* Black History Month was not officially recognized by the Ontario government until 1979

black history month pin-back button, black history month button, power to the people button, power to the people pin-back button, political button

Power to the People pin-back button. This Black History month button is powerful!

This Black History Month pin-back button is perfect to wear year round! Get this Power to the People button and other political buttons here.

Environmental button – Organic food button

Have a heart this month – it is the month of Valentines Day after all – with this heart button.

organic food button, food button, heart button, heart pin-back button, organic food pin-back button, food pin-back button, love button, environmental button, environmental pin-back button

Organic food button.

Here’s an environmental pin-back button for the person in your life who loves you, and the trees, and the sky, and…

After you’re done making a love button, make some organic food to go along with the organic food pin-back button. Getting organic food doesn’t mean having to travel to some far away farmers market. Even if you live in an urban area you can still access organic food. If you are in Toronto check out Foodshare. They have a program called Good Food Box that delivers produce to over a hundred community centres, so you’re sure to find a place near you.

You can find this heart pin-back button and other environmental buttons here.

Rabbit button – Animal button

February is Adopt a Rabbit month.

We’re showing our support with a rabbit pin-back button.

rabbit button, rabbit pin-back buton, animal button, animal pin-back button

Rabbit pin-back button

Animal buttons are super cute, and help create conversations that can lead to people getting educated.

Want to know more about how to properly take care of rabbits? Check out this video:

Planning on getting a rabbit? Get one from an animal shelter like the Toronto Humane Society instead of a pet store or breeder – and remember that rabbit paws aren’t made for making buttons, but you can still make animal-pin back buttons of your fuzzy friend.

Handwriting button

Wondering what kind of button you can make? Why not take some lined paper and write on it and make a writing pin-back button?

handwriting button, writing button, writing pin-back button, handwriting pin-back button, school button

A handwriting pin-back button can come in handy when you need that extra help remembering how to loop the letters.

Kids can make a handwriting button to give their grandparents as a gift to show them what they are doing in school.

A writing button can also be a nice school button reward handed out by teachers after students master the skill.

Learning handwriting isn’t just for kids! Here’s a video showing how to hand-write.

Love button – LGBT pride

LGBT pride pin-back buttons are a wonderful way to show your support for all types of love.

love button, lgbt pride pin-back button, love pin-back button, political button, queer pride pin-back button, pride flag

Queer pride pin-back button showing the Love = sign using the Pride flag. This political button has a couple scratches on it, showing that it is well worn and well loved!

With Valentines day coming up, a love pin-back button is a nice gesture towards your crush or significant other, and it lasts longer than a box of chocolate or a bunch of roses. You can customize your love buttons any way you want. Get your supplies here!

Resilience button

This resilience pin-back button shows the rainbow, symbolizing all the different identities.

 LGBT button, queer pride buttons, LGBT pride buttons, resilience button, LGBT pin-back button, resiliance button, resilience pin-back button, rainbow

Resilience button – This resiliance button is spelled slightly differently. Oops! It’s a good idea to spell check stuff, especially before doing a massive print-off of LGBT pride  buttons.

LGBT buttons often share similarities – stuff like rainbows, pink triangles, male symbol or female symbol. Can you think of other ways to make queer pride buttons without using the same images?

Come back later for more LGBT pin-back buttons.

Stop Hate Crime button – LGBT button

This Stop Hate Crime button was made to bring awareness to the ongoing struggles faced by many people. The pink triangle in the stop sign indicates this is an LGBT button.

While a lot of focus about LGBT Hate Crime and discrimination is on places like Russia, it is an issue in places like Canada, even in large cities like Toronto.

stop hate crime button, lgbt button, lgbt pin-back button, pink triangle, stop sign, political button, political pin-back button

This LGBT pin-back button was made in Toronto.

We are featuring more political buttons throughout January. Please submit political pin-back buttons you made, and we will post them!

Clock button

Counting down the time until Santa shows up? Here’s a clock button to help!

clock button, clock pin-back button

Tick-tock goes the pin-back clock button.

A clock button will never need to be winded up – and it’s always correct twice each day. It also doesn’t make any noise, so you can be sure to hear Santa coming down the chimney.

Want to make your own real clock? Here’s how:

Slipper button

What are you doing to stay warm this winter?

slipper button, winter button

Slip on some slippers and make a slipper button.

Winter is a wonderful time to warm up by the fire, or sit on the sofa with a cup of hot coca.

Kids are antsy about going out but you would rather stay inside? Make some winter buttons! They can make a good gift for teachers, babysitters, or other people.