Monthly Archives: December 2013

Clock button

Counting down the time until Santa shows up? Here’s a clock button to help!

clock button, clock pin-back button

Tick-tock goes the pin-back clock button.

A clock button will never need to be winded up – and it’s always correct twice each day. It also doesn’t make any noise, so you can be sure to hear Santa coming down the chimney.

Want to make your own real clock? Here’s how:

Slipper button

What are you doing to stay warm this winter?

slipper button, winter button

Slip on some slippers and make a slipper button.

Winter is a wonderful time to warm up by the fire, or sit on the sofa with a cup of hot coca.

Kids are antsy about going out but you would rather stay inside? Make some winter buttons! They can make a good gift for teachers, babysitters, or other people.

Winter button – Snoeshoe button

Shuffling around in the snow can be fun, especially if you have the help of some snowshoes!

snowshoe button, winter button, vintage button

Vintage button with a couple in the snow  <3 This snowshoe button is sweet!

Have you ever gone snowshoeing? It’s good exercise – you burn 45 percent more calories when snowshoeing compared to running at the same speed.

Next winter button is going to be something else that goes on your feet… What will it be?