Monthly Archives: June 2013

Native buttons, First Nations buttons, Aboriginal buttons

Today is Aboriginal Day, and celebrations continue into the weekend in many communities. To celebrate Badge a Minit style, here are some Aboriginal buttons.

aboriginal button, native button, first nations button

This native button shows the four colours of the medicine wheel, which correspond to many different groups – from races, ages, directions, and more.

aboriginal button, native button, first nations button

This First Nations button asks “When will Native voices be heard?”


Education Button

It may be the end of the school year, but that’s no reason to forget about education!

education button

This education button says “Defend education – don’t defund it”

Summer time is the best time to start thinking ahead to the fall – you and your neighbours can empty out your bookshelf of old books to donate to younger students, or you could see if you can use the empty parking lot in the school to have a car wash and make some money for after school programs.

Check out this school in Toronto that has no tests or homework! Do you think you could get these practices implemented at your local school?