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Condiment Buttons

What do you put on your hot dog? And what would you never put on your hot dog? Here are a couple condiment buttons:

hot sauce button, condiment button

This hot sauce button says “Hot and Spicy”

ketchup button, condiment button

This ketchup button says “Let’s get together and ketchup”

I like putting on ketchup and hot sauce, as well as BBQ sauce – Do you want some hot dog with that sauce?

I think I’m in need of a ketchup intervention:

Ikea Monkey For Mayor!

Ikea Monkey may be a far memory, especially after all the other interesting things that have gone on in Toronto recently…

Rob Ford,Ikea Monkey for Mayor button

With all the monkeying around Rob Ford is doing, what better incumbent than Ikea Monkey?! Show your support with an Ikea Monkey for Mayor button!

… but don’t you think he would make a better mayor than Rob Ford?

Cat Button

Cat button? Cuteness!!

pin-back button, cat button

A pin-back button with a pussy cat on it. This cat button reads “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape”

I wouldn’t recommend putting a cat button on your cat though.

Want to make a cat button with your furrball baby on it? Get your button maker and supplies and hopefully your cat won’t try to sit on the box when it comes in the mail!

Simpsons Buttons

Did you know that The Simpsons used to air on Thursday nights? It was a perfect time slot, since the show wasn’t pre-empted for sports; and if you were one of the few kids who was allowed to watch it, you were able to impress the other kids in your class with quotes.

 television buttons, Simpsons buttons

Three television buttons. These Simpsons buttons show some of the most popular characters.

Were you allowed to watch The Simpsons when you were a kid, or were you one of the kids who tried to spend Thursday nights at my place? If you are a kid, do you know of kids in your class, camp, or after school programs who aren’t allowed to watch it?

Do you remember this game?


Pro-Choice button – Women’s Rights button

People who are pregnant in Canada have the right to choose, but unfortunately others across the planet do not have this right.

Pro-Choice button, women's rights button

Pro-Choice button reading “Get your rosaries off my ovaries”. Support the Right to Choose with this Women’s Rights button!

Even in Canada, access to abortion varies greatly depending on where you live. People in rural areas sometimes have to travel for hours to reach a doctor who can preform an abortion.

Learn more about the Pro-choice movement in Canada and what is being done to protect choice from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

Dykes on Bikes Button / Lesbian Button

Dykes on Bikes has been around for close to 40 years. It started in San Francisco, but has a Canadian chapter in Toronto.

lesbian button, dykes on bikes

Dykes on Bikes button. Let others know you’re a dyke who loves to ride a bike with this Lesbian button.

Check out this awesome footage of Toronto Dykes on Bikes at 2010 Pride.

Come to the Pride Parade this year on June 30th to see more!