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Eye Buttons – Part 2

Here are some more eye buttons!

drawing pin, drawing pinback button

This drawing button has an appearance which makes you look twice to make sure you know what you’re looking at. Pin-back buttons are a great way to take your art everywhere – it’s like a walking portfolio!

coloured button, coloured pinback button

This coloured button was made using an advertisement. Making pinback buttons from ads is a great way to reuse stuff that will otherwise end up in the recycling bin.

eye pin, eye button

This black and white eye button also shows an extreme close up of someones hand, bringing emphasis to the eye. Pin-back buttons are a good way of bringing attention to your brand or organization.

What is your favourite body part? Why not make some buttons focusing on it?

Mouth Buttons

Next in our series of close-up body part buttons, here are some mouth buttons!

mouth pinback button, mouth pin, body part pin

A mouth button which might make you open your mouth in shock. Pinback buttons are great for showing or saying something you otherwise wouldn’t be able to!

mouth pinback button, mouth pin

This mouth button is slightly less graphic! Hope these pin-back buttons aren’t making you have to puke!

puke pin, vomit pin

This puke pin might be the result of seeing the other pin-back buttons!



Lips Buttons

This is the first in a series of body part buttons… starting with lips buttons.

smile pin, lips pin, comic pin

This comic button shows a super smile. Put a smile on your friends face by making them a pinback button!

lips pinback button, lips pin

This comic button shows look on someones face if you don’t make them a pin-back button!

vampire pinback button, vampire pin

This vampire button has teeth that are just as sharp as the pin-back!

werewolf pin-back button, werewolf pinback button

This werewolf button is perfect if you want to pitch for the other team. Wear a pinback button to show your connection with the overlooked creatures.

Look out for eye buttons, coming up next!

Chris Hadfield Button

Chris Hadfield is currently spinning around in space, aboard the International Space Station, where he is serving as the first Canadian Commander in history!

A custom button of Chris Hadfield. This pin-back button presents a Canadian Hero!

Want to make your own space buttons? It might be hard to make them in outer space, but with a Badgeaminit button maker you can make custom buttons for any Canadian hero!

Safe Sex Buttons

Please be aware the images in this post may be considered NSFW / Not Safe For Work!

Pinback buttons are a great way to spread positive messages, especially about subjects which can be difficult to discuss in other ways.

Check out these Safe Sex buttons, made to make a story:

Safe sex pin

This pin-back button was made from an insert in an Asian comic

Safe sex pinback button

This pinback button shows the technique for putting on a condom.

Comic pin

“The Moment Of Truth. They Touch.” This comic button was made from a random comic, but it fits in well with this ‘story’

Safe sex pinback button

Safe sex is fun!

Do you want to learn more about safe sex? The Toronto Raver Information Project has lots of information (possibly NSFW) If you are younger, please check out Kids Help Phone.

Comic Book Button Story

Do you have any old comic books or magazines you don’t know what to do with? Make some pin-back buttons!

goth pins, comic book pins

Pin-back buttons on an old piece of shirt material. Pinback buttons are so durable, they can stick on material even after it’s too old to wear.

Comic book buttons can be a creative way to re-create a story, by placing them in different spots. You can re-pin them to make different storylines. It’s a good way to get kids and older students to think about story arcs and other parts of writing. It can also be a way to reconstruct a story which you feel is sexist or racist or problematic in other ways.

Have you ever re-written a story? Why not try it with buttons?!

Plug Out with Pin-back Buttons

Making buttons is a way to unplug from forms of technology which can have a tenancy to take over our lives – From computers to cell phones, often times people find themselves spending more time interacting with machines than other people.

computer pin, ordinateur, komputer

Pin-back button of a computer, keyboard, mouse and headphones.

cellphone pin, handy, téléphone

Pinback button of someone yelling into a cell phone.

Want to make your own custom buttons with family and friends? A button maker can cost less than what you pay for your phone in a couple weeks! Get one here.

Political Buttons

When it comes to politics it often seems like we are in very different places…

election buttons

Pinback buttons for Conservative party and pin-back buttons for Liberal party. Canada button in the middle.

…but we are all CANADIAN!

Do you have any Canada buttons, or political buttons left over from a previous election race? Some people like to save them as a souvenir. Are you one of those people? Please send us pictures!

Buttons Around the World – Iran

This may be a Canadian based blog, but I like to think of Canadians as a group of people from all over the planet. To celebrate our diversity, we are starting a Buttons Around the World section to the blog.

A person from Iran made some custom buttons.

diy buttons

Artwork ready to be made into custom pin-back buttons

Is anyone able to translate this?

We hope to bring you buttons from people around the world… so submit your stuff, and we will put it up!