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Nobody knows how to spell BadgeAminit, or is it Badge-A-Minit, or could it be Badge a minute or I have even seen Badge A Minut

As a blogger starting out on a badge a minut blog I have to decide how I’m going to spell it and then stick to it.  But which one should I choose?

BadgeAminit, Badge A minit, Badgeaminute, badge-a-minute, Badge-A-Minit?

I give up!

BadgeAminit in Canada for Canadians

All kinds of BadgeAminit stuff available

badgeaminit_2054_2390054 badgeaminit_2054_2640623 badgeaminit_2095_7666765 badgeaminit_2240_135675 badgeaminit_2240_181572 badgeaminit_2240_227830 badgeaminit_2240_14416077 badgeaminit_2240_14516267 badgeaminit_2240_14548667 badgeaminit_electronic_w_cutter