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Our goal is to provide useful information on all aspects of button making, custom buttons, advertising buttons for the button making industry, hobby and professional alike. This site will direct visitors to useful links and resources across the full breadth of the button manufacturing sector.

This is of particular interest to Canadians and all button makers in Canada: there are no serious manufacturers of button parts and button makers in Canada. And whilst the Chinese try to break into the button making market, their machines do not work well, their production is still very small and they cannot compete with the American button making suppliers on button parts. So if you are in Canada and you need a Canadian supplier to avoid excess shipping fees, long wait times for delivery and most importantly, you need to get around the customs broker fees and other customs and shipping charges, you need to find a Canadian Supplier! Checkout our partners below:

The button making emporium in Toronto, Canada run by Critical Buttons. You can go and pickup supplies or get your button maker fixed. If you're thinking of buying a button maker, you can swing by and make a button with machines from a number of different manufacturers and decide for yourself what works best for you.

3095 Dundas St. West, Toronto ON M6P 1Z9
Tel: 416-204-1984 (weekdays - 11am to 5pm EST)